Activities in the area

You can find a variety of activities in a circle of 1km such as boat trips, aqua gun, playground, tennis school, windsurfing and kitesurfing, diving, Jet ski, Parasailing, Water skiing, taxi boats, cocktail bars on the beach, sightseeing and visits to Goli island, Rabska Fjera ( Medieval Summer Festival ) and many more.


Visit the old town of Rab

Awarded many times as the best tourist destination in the Adriatic, the town of Rab sits on a narrow sliver of land protruding towards the mainland, bounded by ancient city walls and recognisable by four church towers that form the familiar outline, depicting Rab as a ship with four masts: bell tower of the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the cathedral, the bell tower of the church of St. John the Evangelist (located near the ruins of the Church), the belfry of the church of St. Andrew the Apostle and the bell tower of the church of St. Justine.


Scuba Diving

There are almost 35 different diving positions. Beatiful reefs, tunnels, caves and sank boats with beatiful sea plants and animals can be seen.
Positions are on the depths from 0 m to 40 m, suitable for beginners but also for experienced divers. Everyone can find something and be satisfied.


Rabska fjera/ Medieval days (25.07. - 27.07.)

The first and largest medieval summer fair in Croatia, Rabska fjera is based on tradition started 21st of July 1364, when the City Council of Rab decided to celebrate and honor King Louis the Great who freed them from the Venetian rule, as well as holiday honoring St. Christophor, patron saint of the town of Rab. Fjera used to last for 14 days celebrate and praise the saints powers that supposedly saved the town from destruction. Now it is held for 3 days, from 25.07. till 27.07.


Fishermen's Festival

Rich offer of fish specialties. Presentation of the traditional art of fishing.


Excursions to Goli Island and Grgur Island

One of the most popular tourist tours is to the Croatian Alcatraz, island Goli Otok, one of the most notorious communist prisons in Europe, opened right after the WW2 and closed in 1988. Do not be confused by its name, Goli otok (Barren island) was forested by the inmates themselves, who suffered terrible living conditions and often died. Supposedly more than 16.000 people passed through this hell. No one ever escaped.


Beautiful sandy beaches

Lopar has 22 sandy beaches and many smaller picturesque coves. Visitors have recognized their charms over 120 years ago, and they have remained equally appealing for tourists from around the world. These beaches are famous for their crystal clear, shallow and warm sea.


Wine Tasting

Taste and enjoy wines from our vineyards.


Lopar Night – back to the roots

In order to preserve the local ways and traditions, pass them down to younger generations and present them to visitors as such, the manifestation “Lopar night – back to the roots” has been held at Lopar since 2007. Since its very beginnings, this manifestation has been a true attraction for both tourist and the people of Lopar and the island.


Rent a boat

There are many people on the island from whom you can rent a boat and go around the island and visit all the beaches that can't be reached by foot.

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